Monday, 19 September 2011

Doctor Who Closing Time Quotes and Teasers

'You don't need to number food.'
'What are you not telling me?'
'I've had some wonderful feedback.'
'You always survive.'
'Metal rat, real mouth.'
'I am so old.'
'You can't help who your mates are.'
'I always knew I'd die asking.'
'Well, well, well. You have been busy.'
'You have failed, Doctor.'

Thanks to Cultbox for these.

Like The Lodger, It’s a more of a fun episode with some very funny lines. But there are also couple of good scares
The Cybermen aren’t in it for that long really, but it’s longer than they were in A Good Man Goes to War
Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are still in the opening credits. Just saying
The Cybermen are peeping toms!
The Doctor is in love with Craig and he really wants him to know it
“I am through saving them.”
The Doctor – Here to help
Craig is a pervert
Meet Stormageddon, the Doctor’s new best friend
“…A beam me up… Star Trek teleport”
“Come along bitey”
For the girl who’s tired of waiting
The Doctor can speak the ancient language of baby
A familiar plot solution saves the day
The last few scenes are very, very exciting and another big question is finally answered

Thanks to DoctorWhoTV for these.

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